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About Prayer Boxes

The Prayer Box

Though the origins of the Prayer Box are often argued, many faiths now use the prayer box for religious use. However in today's society, Prayer Box has taken more of a sentimental value / jewelry item rather then its religious past. Prayer Boxes come in many different styles, shapes, materials, but one thing all prayer boxes share in common is there use. They are all used normally to hold a special message of prayer, a message from a significant other, or just a saying important to the individual.


For many prayer boxes, producers of the item can use many different materials. But the materials most commonly found and used are; sterling silver, plated silver, gold vermeil, brass and pewter. The most commonly used of all is sterling silver. This occurrence is simple, most prayer boxes, to the individual may be a sacred or very important item to them. As such, would be made of a precious metal. Gold is far more expensive then sterling silver which makes it more readily available for the consumer.

Applications and Uses

Prayer boxes in general are categorized as having three main uses; Religious, Inspirational and Sentimental. In religious use, the common practice would be to place a prayer or wish into the prayer box. For many it is said that by doing so, your prayer or wish would come true. For Inspiration, a friend may offer this as inspiration after a trying time, perhaps a break up, or a loss of a loved one, or for many, just use it as a piece of jewelry. For a sentimental use, the prayer box may have been given by a wife or husband with a special note tucked into the box. Or best friends moving away tucking away phone numbers or special memories into it. This is by no means the only way to use these prayer boxes, but rather an example of the many uses prayer boxes offer.

Varying Styles of Prayer Boxes

Hope Prayer Box which opens Silver Prayer Box Earrings Praying Hands Prayer Box Ring Salvation Stretch Bracelet

These are only a small example of many prayer box styles and variations. If you would like to view more prayer boxes you can see them here.