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All About Charms

A list of charms found today around the world.

Charms today can vary to any possible thing you can think about. From Animals, Angels, Chinese Characters, Crosses, Hearts, Public Service, and many more. See what we have to offer in our charms section. Charms can cover about any occasion, or any relationship. From friends, to husband and wife. These charms also have great adaptability, you can attach them to bracelets, necklaces, key chains, and the possibilities are almost endless. They also offer a bundle of charms enamel covered. These Enamel Charms are brilliantly colored and have a long lasting shine.

A brief and far from complete history of charms.

Charms span far and wide and may vary as to what exactly a "charm" is around the world. From good luck charms, to charms and amulets from shrines, and other countries, they may look different, used differently, but one common piece of information between all the differences, is, they are used as something important to the holder. This to many may give a charm a heavy meaning. As one would say, "In the eye of the beholder."

Man Roamed the Earth

During the Neolithic Era, as man roamed the earth in search of its new surroundings, the earliest form of charms could be considered to be found during this time period. As man would find obscure objects that would look different, look shiny, or interesting. These early men would use these as a hope to ward off enemies. As time passed many elaborate charms with precious stones and metals began to appear. Which were primarily seen during the reign of the pharos of Egypt . The Egyptians used these charms as ID tags so the gods could identify them and as a means to show their status in society

Do as the Romans do...(not?)

During the times of the Roman Empire , many Christians would employ a fish like charm, referred to as an "Ichthys". They would hide this charm where they could, and used them to gain access into secretly held worships and other forbidden activities pertaining to Christianity at the time.

Kings, Queens, Knights and Squires

Now, during the middle ages, amulets and charms gained favor of many warriors who went into battle, and men and women alike. Charms and amulets were apart of many meanings to people in the Middle Ages. They would often be work to represent a group or faction they were apart of and many others. However as the renaissance swept through the European countries and mass production of books was instated, many of the rich who could afford books lost favor to carrying charms around, but for the lesser educated, and poorer classes, it was a continued tradition.

World War II

At the end of World War II, soldiers from the European countries, the pacific islands were eager to come home. Many of them before heading back bought many little charms and trinkets made by the locals to return to loved ones. This turned out to be so big, many companies soon started to create charms and trinkets for year round use.

Hello Disco!

After World War II, in the late 40s, charms and charm bracelets began to be a must have lady accessory for young girls and women alike. These near antique charms and charm bracelets had many significant values imprinted on them, from anywhere to birthdays and graduations to travel and weddings. And in present day, fetch a hefty amount in auctions around the United States .

Today and the Future

During the present time, charms, charm bracelets, amulets, necklaces, and other mentionable pieces of jewelry have something in common; they all have a valuable meaning behind every piece. Weather it be a charm bracelet for your friend, or a heart charm for your significant other, or just a charm to tell your mother or grandmother that they are the best, each and every charm has its meaning, and its the meaning behind every charm and many pieces of jewelry that make it worth more and more to that person as the days go by.